Welcome to SweetHand Catering!
Welcome to SweetHand Catering!
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About Naimah, The SweetHand Chef

Naimah Al-Uqdah Muhammad 

Niamah Muhaammad, SweetHand Catering

Peace and Blessings. I’m a 1st generation Caribbean American wife, mom, caterer, educator, and foodie! I grew up in East Flatbush Brooklyn in a Trinidadian household where the normal Sunday dinner was Stew chicken, white rice, callaloo, macaroni pie, cucumber salad and zaboca (avocado) on the side! Watching my mother make magic in the kitchen, turning the humblest of ingredients into mouth watering dishes. I can almost taste it just thinking about it. I have a passion for all things food, especially the food of my beloved Trinidad. I love cooking, putting new spins on old classics or fusing my two cultures into amazing unique dishes.

Naimah's recipes marry flavors from her Trinidadian heritage and her African roots to tell stories of family, food, and culture that have travelled to the Americas. Her new book "At Home With Sweet Hand" will not only give you an intimate glimpse into her history, but it will also leave your tastebuds wanting more. Purchase her ebook today to get a taste of what's to come!